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Project Details

When we created Bluebonnet's website, they had at the time a small, website that did not have the information they wanted to portray and no way to keep it updated. The design was bad, and it did not reflect what the company was. We proposed and built a site built on a Content Management System, which would allow them to update the site themselves. The site had to look good, and they needed a good way to display their extensive product line and be able to communicate with the store that carry their products. The biggest challenge was in the products section. We created sorting and filtering capabilities, smart call-outs that the other Bluebonnet sites- which came later- would be able to use in order to display only certain specialty products. This is a large and capable website, and remains one of our flagship sites. Once it was launched, Bluebonnet saw a significant improvement in communication with customers, and during the recession, saw a 12% increase in business while all their competitors remained at their current rates. With the success to their home website, they came to us to build websites for individual product lines which they have since launched- Rainforest Animalz- which carries their new line of children's vitamins, and Extreme Edge Sports- which is their new line of sports nutritional supplements.

Bluebonnet Nutrition is a great example of the potential and success that a well done website can be a part of. Click the image to the right to go to Bluebonnet's website at


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